/Designing the Candidate Experience: A Global HR Necessity (1Hr 39 Min)

Designing the Candidate Experience: A Global HR Necessity (1Hr 39 Min)

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid. M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

13 modules


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A must see course for Global HR executives and Recruiters. Learn to design an amazing candidate experience.


In this course specially designed for recruiters and HR executives, Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid a doctorate in management, takes you through the journey of a candidate right from the time he looks at a job advertisement till he is finally selected or someone else is selected by the hiring organisation.

In a very lucid story like narration, Col Shahid explains how a recruiter can give an amazing experience to a candidate at every stage from pre application to application to interview stage, till final selection. The emphasis is laid on the prerequisite that every candidate must get an awesome experience whether he/she is ultimately selected or not. This is essential for the overall reputation of the hiring organization.

Aspects like importance of candidate experience, stages of the interview process, communication, inclusivity, interview question design, feedback, technology utilization, fairness considerations, addressing biases, importance of on-site visits, are adequately covered providing a comprehensive guidance on these topics to effectively convey the intricacies of creating a positive and impactful candidate experience.


Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid is an Army Veteran with a post graduate engineering, an MBA in finance, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and a PhD in management. Thus qualified to speak on the subject.

The course is suitable for Recruiters, Members of the Interview panel, HR executives, Leaders and Managers across the globe.


0. Promo of CE


1. Preview


2. Importance of Candidate experience


3. Stages of CE. Part 1 Pre Application

4. Stages of CE. Part 2 Application

5. Stages of CE. Part 3 Interview Stage

6. The Interview Process


7. Importance of CFT. Part 1 Pre application stage

8. Importance of CFT. Part 2 Application stage

9. Importance of CFT. Part 3 Interview stage


10. Addressing Issues. Part 1-Fairness

11. Addressing Issues. Part 2-Inclusivity

12. Addressing Issues. Part 3-Biases



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About the creator

About the creator

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid. M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid is an Army veteran and a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience. Qualified as a post graduate engineer coupled with a masters degree in financial management, a PhD and a passion for teaching he continues to be a learner. Retired from the Army in 2020, he now pursues his passion for teaching and manages a small consultancy firm called PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants of which he is the founder.


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