/Conceptual study of investment in stocks for global students. (8.5 Hours)

Conceptual study of investment in stocks for global students. (8.5 Hours)

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid. M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

4 modules


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Best course to learn Stock market concepts. Learn Stock trading and Investing. Course suitable for Global students.


Intent of this Course.

In this course hosted by PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants, Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid explains the gambit of Stock Market Investment and Trading in a very simple and lucid manner. The instructor is a post graduate engineer, an MBA in Finance, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers(India) and a doctorate in Management. Thus, qualified to be an instructor on the subject. The intent is to impart conceptual education rather than offering tips on what to do.

Layout and Content

Section 1. Explains various aspects of the stock market like what is the concept of a share, what is shareholding and capital structure, what are IPOs and FPOs and what is the concept of their pricing, the concept of Profit, Dividend and Growth, what is Primary and Secondary market and how a trade happens, what is a Depository, Depository Participant and Clearing house, the logic of share price fluctuations and how one can start investing in a stock market.

Section 2. Makes the student familiar with the various market players like Arbitrators, Hedgers or Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, FIIs, DIIs, HNIs, Business news channels, Analysts, Panellists and Speculators apart from Investors and Traders. The students get a clear idea of what the intentions and agenda of these players are and how they influence the stock price.

Section 3. Is all about broad understanding of Investment and Trading nuances like Fundamental Analysis, Financial Statements, Ratios and other stock parameters, Candlestick patterns, Technical Indicators and Technical analysis, meaning of Derivatives etc.

Section 4. This is an Add On section intended to answer the questions from students in the form of video answers.


Prospective learners

This course will be of immense benefit to those who intend to invest in Stock Market but hesitate to do so due to absence of proper knowledge.



Key Highlights

Understanding the basics of stock market investing

Exploring the stack market concepts for beginners

Mastering the concept of risk management in the stock market

Understanding various players in the stock market

Understanding various terminologies associated with stock market

Gaining insights into the psychological aspects of stock market investing

Discovering resources for continuous learning and staying updated

Building a strong foundation for future investment success

What you will learn

Understanding the basics of the stock market

Learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of the stock market.

Stock market players & the way they play

Understand the various players and how they play the game

Understand the concepts & significance

The various concepts of the stock market are clearly explained

Understanding stock market indices and benchmarks

Explore various stock market indices and benchmarks and their significance.

Understanding why stock prices change

How and why market news and events influence stock prices and investment decisions.

Developing a long-term investment mindset

Cultivate a disciplined and patient approach to long-term investing in the stock market.


Know the Stock Market as a Play Field

14 attachments • 2 hrs

H1. Preview New (Free Preview)

H2. Know what you do...

H3. The concept of a Share (FREE PREVIEW)


H4. The Share holders, Share holding and Capital structure(FREE PREVIEW)

H5. Understanding IPO, FPO and their pricing. Part 1

H6. Understanding IPO, FPO and their pricing. Part 2

H7. Source of Capital and its significance

H8. The concept of Profit, Dividend and Growth. Part 1

H9. The concept of Profit, Dividend and Growth. Part 2

H10. Understanding the Primary and Secondary Market

H11. How does a trade happen in Secondary Market

H12. How do I start investing in stock market.

H13. The Depository, Depositary Participant and the Clearing house

H14. How to place a Buy or Sell order

Know the Market Players and how they Play

8 attachments • 1 hrs

H15. Market players and stock price volatility

H16. Understanding the logic of market price fluctuations(FREE PREVIEW)


H17. The Investor and the Trader

H18. The Arbitrator

H19. The Hedger or a Hedge Fund

H20. The Big Players in Stock Market

H21. The Players Behind the Curtain

H22. The Speculator(FREE PREVIEW)


Know the Parameters and Rules of the Game

15 attachments • 2 hrs

H23. What role would you like to play. Investor or Trader (FREE PREVIEW)


H24. What is Fundamental Analysis

H25. Understanding Financial Statements

H26. Understanding stock parameters and various ratios

H27. Technical Analysis

H28. Significance of a Candle stick

H29. UnderstandingTechnical Indicators(FREE PREVIEW)


H30. First Technical Indicator On Balance Volume

H31. Accumulation Distribution

H32. Moving Average Convergence Divergence

H33. Risk management and Derivatives

H34. Understanding what is Derivative

H35. A Stock Futures contract

H36. The meaning of an Option

H37. The meaning of a Hedge or Hedging

Add On Lessons

17 attachments

H38. Let us begin(FREE PREVIEW)

H39. Bonus and Rights issue. Question(FREE PREVIEW)


H40. Bonus and Rights issue. Ans Part 1

H41. Bonus and Rights issue. Ans Part 2

H42. Bonus and Rights issue. Ans Part 3

H43. Splitting of shares. The question(FREE PREVIEW)


H44. Splitting of Shares. The answer

H45. The entitlement dates. Question(FREE PREVIEW)


H46. The entitlement dates. Answer

H47. Why is the law chasing the promoter. Question(FREE PREVIEW)


H48. Why is the law chasing the promoter. Answer

H49. Trading in Shares vs Derivatives. Question(FREE PREVIEW)


H50. Trading in Shares vs Derivatives. A1.Taxation aspects

H51. Trading in Shares vs Derivatives. A2. Brokerage and Fees

H52. Trading in Shares vs Derivatives. A3. Flexibility and Risk

H53. Trading in Shares vs Derivatives. Concluding answer and advise (FREE PREVIEW)

H54. What happens if an IPO is under subscribed


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About the creator

About the creator

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid. M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid is an Army veteran and a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience. Qualified as a post graduate engineer coupled with a masters degree in financial management, a PhD and a passion for teaching he continues to be a learner. Retired from the Army in 2020, he now pursues his passion for teaching and manages a small consultancy firm called PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants of which he is the founder.


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